Customized tours and service

Customized tours and service

Iceguide offers privatized, customized tours and service. If you are looking towards exploring amazing places, glaciers, ice caves, mountains, go ice climbing, hiking driving in super-jeeps or kayaking.

Are you up for tailor-made adventure, witness wildlife, seals, reindeers or go hunting for the northern lights.

With wide range of knowledge and experience we will make the most of your stay in south east Iceland.

Ideal for:

Groups or individuals, contact us if you have special requests, such as photography, filming or plain adventure.

Due to the circumstances these days we have blocked certain days on our website. If you do not see available seats on the day you choose to book, please send us email or call us 00354 6610900

Vegna ástandsins höfum við lokað á bókanir ákveðna daga á síðunni okkar. Ef þú ert að reyna að bóka ferð á dagi sem er lokaður, endilega hafður samband í gegnum tölvupóst eða í síma 6610900