Glacier kayaking is the ultimate way to experience the magnificence of the world famous Vatnajökull National Park. Join us in an unforgettable trip and enjoy unbeatable panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers and their reflection in the mirror like water of the Heinaberg Lagoon. From the lagoon you will have an excellent view over Vatnajokull and on the tour we step on one of the icebergs and take a short walk, overlooking the lagoon and surrounding area – safely equipped with the appropriate glacier gear. Heinabergslón is “out of the beaten path”, so there is no other traffic on the water. This is the tour for those who want to be environmentally friendly while exploring nature.

The trip is fully guided by guides with a vast knowledge of the area, its history, hidden spots – and of course kayaking. The Glacier Kayak Adventure suits people with no paddling experience to experienced paddlers. Our Kayaks are SIT-ON-TOP boats, very stable and should be suitable for first time kayakers as well.

Reasonable fitness is required for this tour. Oversized people can expect having problems fitting the drysuits, and therefore not being able to participate. For safety reasons participants cannot exceed 120 kg (270 lbs) in weight for single kayaks (kayak for one person) or 180 kg (395 lbs) combined weight for double kayaks (kayak for 2 persons). 

Our boats:

In all of our kayak tours we use SIT ON TOP kayaks. The boats are much wider than SIT IN kayaks and therefore much more stable. Beginners and those who have never gone kayaking before should not have a problem joining our tours.

We have single person kayaks and tandem kayaks for 2 persons.

You can choose between single person kayak or two person kayak, children age 14-16 always ride with adult person age 17+ in two person kayak.


When booking odd numbers; 1,3,5 etc.
You use Single kayak rate


What To Bring

  • Warm clothing to wear under the dry-suit that we provide.
  • Warm socks.
  • Sunglasses on sunny days.
  • Headwear.


Kayak, drysuit, safety vest, shoes, gloves, kayak paddle, transportation and a 15 min drive from our base camp to Heinabergslón glacier lagoon.

Difficulty level: Easy+

  • All ages above 14 years old
  • Someone in fair walking condition, able to walk for 2 hours with short breaks
  • at a low pace of 2-3km/hr (1.2-1.8mi/hr)
  • Trails generally in good condition, glacier travel on generally very low angle
  • Very little elevation gain, max 250m (820ft) over a distance of 2km (1.2mi).

See levels of difficulty here

Age limit is 14 years old
Total duration of the tour: 3.5 hours Price: 15900 ISK

For further information see FAQ or contact us at


Our base camp is located at a place called Flatey, located 38 km west of Höfn. At Flatey our guides will outfit all participants with the appropriate kayak equipment and provide additional gear. 

GPS: 64.259151, -15.587038

We kindly ask you to be at the meeting point on time.  We recommend arriving at least 15 min before the scheduled departure time. Late arrivals unfortunately will miss out on their reservation and it will result in the cancellation of your booking and a full forfeiture of your booking fee.

For road conditions see and weather

Iceguide does not provide transportation from Reykjavík to the meeting point.