Visit the unique ice caves in one of the Vatnajökull outlet glaciers

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    Availability: November – March

    Come with us on a great adventure in a breathtaking glacier landscape with fantastic photo opportunities. We will show you the most interesting glacier features and ice caves in the area – even if it takes little bit more time and effort. 
    Our journey to the glacier starts with a glacier hike on one of Vatnajökull outlet glacier, Breiðamerkurjökull. The glacier hike offers majestic panoramic views and close encounter with Vatnajökul, the biggest attractions in Iceland.
    The Iceguide crew is one of the most experienced and also the pioneers in ice cave tours in Iceland and our goal is to offer high quality personal service and a great experience for smaller groups.
    Iceguide is a local company and we have tremendous knowledge of the area. All of our tours are led by experienced and certified glacier guides.

    Notice that this tour is rated difficult and therefore a reasonable fitness is required.



    DURATION: Approx 6-7 HOURS

    What To Bring

    • Base layer (shirt and long johns) synthetic or wool, mid layer such as good sweater,wool or fleece.
    • Mid layer such as fleece jacket,thick wool garment, primaloft jacket or similar. Second midlayer can be added for colder days. Hiking pants, fleece or softshell or similar.
    • Waterproof breathable jacket lke Gore-tex jacket and pants or similiar.
    • Good thermal headwear and gloves.
    • Socks, synthetic or wool.
    • Small backpack (Can be handy to carry camera, rain gear and all extras).
    • Good hiking boots are essential.The boots should be high enough to provide good ankle support. We have some collection of shoes for rent, price 2000 ISK. Contact us for further information
    • Tennis shoes or sneakers are not appropriate shoewear for this trip!
    • Jeans are not accepted for our Ice cave tours!


    All necessary glacier gear such as

    • Helmet
    • Crampons
    • Harness
    • Ice axe

    Trip difficulty: Moderate/Difficult

    See levels of difficulty here

    We strongly recommend participants to go over our list of equipment and be well prepaired for the tour. If participants are not adequately prepared or dressed according to the weather conditions, Iceguide reserves the right to refuse them to participate in the tour to ensure safety.

    For further information on gear and clothing see FAQ´s

    Age limit is 16 years old | Total duration of the tour: 6-7 hours
    For further information see FAQ´s (linka) or contact us at


    • Reasonable fitness is required for the Ice cave tour. Participants should be able to walk some distance on rough terrain.
    • Iceguide does not provide any pick-up or transportation to the Glacier lagoon (Jökulsárlón).

    • 48 hours cancellation policy. Full refund if cancelled more than 48 hours before departure. All of our tours can be cancelled due to safety reasons or other natural conditions, with short notice. In such cases a full refund is provided.

    • All of our tours are undertaken as the responsibility of its participants.
    • Iceguide does not take any responsibility for accidents that can be traced to participants own actions.
    • Iceguide cannot make sure that no other persons or other unrelated groups are in the Ice cave at the same time.
    • Good outdoor clothing is required in our ice cave tours, we recommend two layers for your lower body and three layers for your upper body. Windproof and well insulated clothing, waterproof if it´s raining. Bring good headwear and gloves. Good footwear is critical in our ice cave tours, sneakers or similar street shoes are not acceptable for the tour. Iceguide does not rent out any footwear or clothing.


    Ice caves are temporary structures that appear at the edge of glacier in wintertime, very often where the glacier meltwater runs out from underneeth the glacier. During summertime almost every ice cave melts down and new one appears in the beginning of winter. Then the local ice cave guides go scouting out for new ice caves. When temperature falls the ice becomes more staple and the watersurface in the caves drops. Not every icecave is safe to visit, in our icecave tours the guide will evaluate each time if the cave is save to visit, with regard to the situation, weather and ice condition. Winter in Iceland can be rainy and warm, specially on the south-east coast of Iceland. Ice cave tours are very weather dependant, rain and warm days are not ideal condition for ice cave excursions. On such days the caves can get flooded and/or the ice to unstable and the ice cave not save to visit. In these situations the ice cave tours can be cancelled with short notice because of safety reasons.

    If our ice cave tour gets cancelled because of weather or safety reasons participants will get full refund. Our safety standards are high and Ice caves should never be visited without a local guide who knows the ice caves and the area well. In some cases ropes and other safety equipment may be needed, and should only be led by experienced guides.