Glacier Hike & Kayak Tour


    On this full day tour we hike deep into glacier valley carved out by one of Vatnajökull outlet glaciers Heinabergsjökull. An experienced glacier and kayak guide will safely lead you hiking on one of Icelands most unique glacier tongues. Heinabergsjökull has an exceptional approach and the only way to set foot on the glacier is by boat. Equipped with all the necessary kayak and glacier gear we head out, paddling through icebergs on Heinabergslón, the glacier lagoon in front of the glacier tongue. We safely leave the boats on the glacier edge and prepare for the glacier hike. Experience Vatnajökull, Europes largest glacier in the most unique way there is. Out of the beaten path, surrounded by mountains and wilderness of Iceland at its best. This is the tour for those who want to be enjoy the pure nature of Iceland without leaving any footprints in the environment.

    Our boats:

    In all of our kayak tours we use SIT ON TOP kayaks. The boats are much wider than SIT IN kayaks and therefore much more stable. Beginners and those who have never gone kayaking before should not have a problem joining our tours.

    We have single person kayaks and tandem kayaks for 2 persons.



    What To Bring

    • Good outdoor clothing for that given day, waterproof in case of rain. Jeans and/or similar clothing is not suitable for outdoor activities.
    • Hiking boots .The boots should be high enough to provide good ankle support.
    • Tennis shoes or sneakers are not appropriate shoewear for this trip!
    • Sunglasses and sun protection.
    • Headwear and gloves.
    • Food and drinks.


    Kayak, drysuit, safety vest, shoes, gloves, kayak paddle, transportation and a 15 min drive from our base camp to Heinabergslón glacier lagoon.

    Difficulty level: Difficult

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    Age limit is 16 years old
    Total duration of the tour: 5 hours Price: 21900 ISK

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    Our base camp is located at a place called Flatey, located 38 km west of Höfn. At Flatey our guides will outfit all participants with the appropriate kayak equipment and provide additional gear. Flatey is one of Iceland´s largest dairy farm and visitors have the opportunity to take a peek inside the farm. At Flatey you can buy basic refreshments and get access to free Wifi.

    GPS: 64.259151, -15.587038

    We kindly ask you to be at the meeting point on time.  We recommend arriving at least 15 min before the scheduled departure time. Late arrivals unfortunately will miss out on their reservation and it will result in the cancellation of your booking and a full forfeiture of your booking fee.

    For road conditions see and weather

    Iceguide does not provide transportation from Reykjavík to the meeting point.